Sound Off (Repost from 6.29.17)

Sound Off (Repost from 6.29.17)

Up until the halfway point of the pregnancy, I was in denial. I didn’t feel like I was growing a baby inside of me more like I was losing control of my body. I had told just about everyone that I truly cared about that I was expecting by this time. The excitement wasn’t there though.

At least that was the vibe I was giving off. I became very introverted regarding my feelings. On the back-end, my Pinterest was growing with every free second I had, my Youtube history began to transition and there were several new mom-to-be apps on my phone. I became interested in the size of the baby and found several (conflicting) charts on Pinterest comparing the size of the baby to produce and household items. I would go to the grocery store and just touch them and sometimes buy them. Sometimes talk to them in an ABG-type way.

Eventually, I was like I have to make a video. Something that will make me proud of this process and that I can look back and reflect on. I laughed because I felt like the Anthony Anderson character from ABC’s Blackish making an iMovie compilation but what better way to catalog a memory than a video.

I had great plans of how I was going to tap into my acting abilities and engage Michael my partner in this process but I was overthinking it and it was about to not happen. I purchased my props and left them in the refrigerator for a whole week before I even recorded. This was about to be a bust… but then I pulled myself together. And produced…


#20weeks from Safiya Whitehead on Vimeo.