Gender Talk (repost)

Gender Talk (repost)

After the question how far along are you? Then comes the question what are you having? I answer a baby. Cause It amuses me. I know what everyone is asking but I wanted to have the most non-invasive pregnancy that I could afford. I really just wanted not add any details to the journey. I was really in shock when I found out I was going to become a mother. Like to a human. I was sure that I was going to foster domestic animals and fall in love then adopt them.


I am 34 weeks as of Saturday, September 2nd and managed to carry my child without finding out the gender. Well, Friday (Sept. 1st) that changed. I went for a fetal growth sonogram with my luv Saisha. My cousin was enjoying bits and pieces of my journey but I wanted her to be able to see one sonogram. This was our last opportunity because school begins Tuesday and she is a teacher.


The sonogram was not revealing. The doctors measure different parts of the baby’s body to see if growth is normal. We looked at legs, the stomach and a big

Ole head. Saisha and I teased each other and joked about pregnancy and names, etc… We keep the playful banter going. I let the nurse know I’d like the gender written down on an envelope. “Are you sure? You made it this far!” she replied


It was not a tough decision. I was ready for Daddy Bray to know. I also wanted to give relief to my family who said they would buy pink everything which I didn’t particularly care for regardless of what the gender was.


“I’m sure, but in an envelope…pleeeeessseee” I said to the nurse. The nurse finished up and went to the doctor to let them review it. Saisha and I took advantage of the time and made it a photo opportunity. The nurse popped her head back in and said all good with Baby Bray. “Are you surree you want to know? ” “Sure” and pulled an envelope from behind her back.

I got my envelope and  Saisha tried to encourage me to let her see. She even put it up to the light.


Later that day, I met up with Daddy Bray. He was very nonchalant. I’m sure that he was preparing for me to say that I didn’t actually get the envelope. I pulled out the envelope and he cleaned up. He tried to act cool. Then he sat down and opened the envelope. His face was a glow. All teeth were showing but I didn’t want to assume anything. All I cared was if he was right. He told me he called the gender of all his children. That sort of intuition intrigued me.


I began to nag him. “What is it? Were you right? Ugh, gimme something?!?!”


He ignored me as I leaped at him. He grabbed a lockbox, which was conveniently between him and he shouted: “You said you didn’t want to know!” Half giggling the other half trying to get off the couch I collapsed from my left side to my right side and whined like a two-year-old. “But babe….”


I gave in. But wanted to talk baby. We talked extracurricular activities, education, and made reference to his 8 y.o. son throughout. The conversation magically became gender based. Neither of us noticed (though he claims it was a setup) Finally he goes “I didn’t want it for any boy I have I didn’t have it that way with Bray jr and I don’t want it for this … (*points to my stomach * but doesn’t finish his sentence)


My face lights up. I imagined me grimacing like the Grinch. Daddy Bray was correct and the veil of uncertainty was lifted. I’ve been playing in my mind all of the names, activities, family photo outfits and so one that are to come. I can’t get over the fact he was correct but can’t be happier that he was.


We’re having a BOY!!