Fired at 36 weeks Pregnant

Fired at 36 weeks Pregnant

SEPTEMBER 12, 2017

On Friday I am getting fired. Today is Tuesday. I’m on my way to work but I am not motivated. I am a Google subcontractor. Technically I work for Adecco, the temp agency but on a Google contract for Geo mapping. It’s not my dream job nor something I ever expected doing but it’s Google. They’re kinda a big deal. When offered the opportunity I felt like I needed to take it.

It was a shallow dream to work at a major corporation like Google. I don’t have a technical background by I can navigate technology and troubleshoot with no help. I was in it for the reputation of “they take care of their employees”.

I can’t say that they don’t. My one-week training in the Chelsea location proved this. It was cool and I couldn’t have wanted for anything. They supply everything you may need from your equipment, supplies, all meals, snacks, gym, and great views. It was so quiet there and I didn’t feel stressed.

What I also noticed is there wasn’t much talking. Anytime I walked through a cluster of desks there were definitely people but no talking. Everyone was friendly but it was also eerie.

Once I was in the field (after training) that energy carried. I was alone all the time away from home and talking very little. One of my main concerns was that my growing child was not going to recognize my voice. To fill the void I began to sing out loud, play podcasts and call as many people as I could over the car speakers.

Every day around 2 pm I would get sluggish and depressed. It must’ve been where I meet my seclusion threshold. I would call my mother or Daddy Bray with not much to say but try and carry a conversation while allowing silent tears to run down my face.

I knew very early that I did not want my Google job and it wasn’t fulfilling.

At least once a month it seemed as though changes were being made to the work expectations. They weren’t major but they definitely kicked up anxiety. The other thing that kicked up anxiety was looking for other work. Who was going to hire me pregnant? So when didn’t get much feedback from my job applications, I didn’t stress.

“ Who was going to hire me pregnant?”

The closer I get to my due date I stress. I stress that the checks will stop coming in. It’s inevitable. I prepared for this financially but it’s just one of those things that make me ask, what if?

Well God showed me who has the last laugh when for no explanation at all Adecco switched my payroll from direct deposit to paper checks. I worked two additional weeks before I received one of the expected checks in the mail. At the end of the two weeks, my team lead sent a group message out that there will be an announcement made later in the day and stay tuned. I immediately sent her a side note. “I haven’t gotten paid and my motivation is low. This news… will it amp my stride or kill it?” She replied “It’s going to kill it. Everyone is getting let go in two weeks.” Again God stepped in. I didn’t pray for this pardon but for the first time ever I was relieved to be fired. I am going to need the time off for my newborn baby and I should be eligible for assistance. A check or some sort would come in.

Given the circumstances I am happy.I’m quietly shouting Hallelujah!

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